ecosand is an eco-friendly
leader who leads natural resources.


Hello, I am the president of Ecosand Jiwon Kim.

Ecosand researches and develops the natural resource, sand,
so that people and nature can coexist more abundantly and healthily.

Where people and
nature can coexist in a richer and healthier way.

We developed the nation’s first cleaned package sand to change the distribution paradigm through the standardization and quantification of sand.

Furthermore, through secondary processing of natural resources, we are leading the virtuous circle of high quality sand → resource regeneration → industry with sustainable development.

With the management philosophy of ‘social contribution, unlimited responsibility, passionate attitude, fun workplace,’ we will achieve global management for mutual growth with the community. Thank you.

Organization status of ecosand Co., Ltd. in 2021

Total : 9
Management (including executives) : 5
Production : 4

  • CEO
    Jiwon KimSales & Management
  • Research Center Chief Shiyeop LeeR&D
  • Auditor
    Namjoo Sung
  • Management Support
    Team Team Leader Hyejeong ParkQuality Management
  • Production team
    Team Leader Sungjoon ParkBusan Plant
    Uiryeong Plant
  • Quality Management Team
    Team Leader Young ChoiQuality Management
    Quality Assurance