non-motorized spreader

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non-motorized spreader(Product Features)

Product Common Introduction
  • Developed the world’s first wet sand hiller ▷ Patent Pending No. 10-2020-0117347
  • Even dispersion : Sand can be adjusted to the desired quantity and even dispersion is possible
  • High efficiency : Possible to work in narrow spaces and few people Outstanding mobility
  • Multiplayer : Can be used in various products such as wet sand, dry sand, silica, fertilizer, etc.

Product Information Table

Product name non-motorized spreader
Use Multi-purpose including snow removal, grass planting, road construction, etc.
Product specifications/mm W630 * D400 * H700
Weight/kg 30kg
Raw material Stainless steel, aluminum
Price Please inquire

KCL Test report

Section Existing Large Products Our Product
Usage area Large area scattering Small area scattering
Capacity Large (app. 1.5-2m2) Small (app. 0.5m2)
Price Please contact us Please contact us
Maintenance Power transmission part Non-powered equipment that is semi-permanent
Use Limited range of use (large areas such as golf courses, foot volleyball court, etc.) Expanded scope of use (Snow removal, golf courses, road blocks, etc.)
Sand used Dry sand Both wet sand and dry sand