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Pavement(Product Features)

Product Common Introduction
  • Clean silica that removed impurities
  • Processed sand that cleaned, selected and high-temperature drying of raw sand
  • Small packaging sales for easy purchase, transport, use and storage
  • Specialized vinyl packaging material to maintain product condition

Product Information Table

Product name Master (Pavement block)
Use Finishing of pavement block gaps, construction of upper part of lower pavement blocks
Product specifications/mm 640 * 460
Weight/kg 25kg
Raw material Silica
Sand specifications No. 5 (0.70 ~ 1.12mm)
Packaging material Polypropylene
Price Please inquire

KCL Test report

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Section Lead (Pb) Cadmium (Cd) Hexavalent chrome (Cr6+) Mercury (Hg) Arsenic (As)
Content standards (mg/kg) Under 200 Under 4 Under 5 Under 4 Under 25

- Parasite (eggs) not detected
- Use: Pedestrian pavement block

Pavement Block Cross-Section

How to Use Pavement Block Silica

  • Silica laying after installing pavement blocks
  • Silica laying
  • Clean up after laying silica
  • Compacting with powered roller
  • Finishing
  • Close-up of gaps during pavement block silica laying