Cleaned Granite Soil

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Cleaned Granite Soil(Product Features)

Product Common Introduction
  • High Quality Natural Silica
  • Cleaned and processed product that can be conveniently used right away
  • Little powder flying such as sand and dust, and excellent aesthetics
  • Specialized vinyl packaging material to maintain product condition

Product Information Table

Product name Master (Cleaned granite soil)
Use Prevent weeds on the bottom of trees at landscaping areas, flower bed and pot draining layer, exhibits such as museum and aquariums
Product specifications/mm 640 * 460
Weight/kg 20kg
Raw material Natural silica
Sand specifications Small particle 0.7 ~ 1.5mm
Medium particle 1 ~ 2mm
Large particle 2 ~ 5mm
Packaging material Polypropylene
Price Please inquire

Repot as follows.

  • Block the bottom hole of the pot with a net
  • Create a draining layer with granite soil, orchid stone, etc. on the bottom of the pot
  • Fill the culture soil while leaving soil height of the plant
  • Plant the plant.
  • After setting the plant, put in the culture soil in the remaining space and press slightly.
  • Cover with granite soil, colored stones and gravel to finish.

Precautions while Repotting

  • 1.If you press down the soil too hard when repotting, the roots will not be able to breathe. Press gently.
  • 2.After replanting the plant, set in shade for a period (1-2 days) so that the root can settle in the new soil and water, and then move.
  • 3.Seal the remaining product and store in a cool place away from direct sunlight.