Snow removal(skid-proof)

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A skid-proof(Product Features)

Product Common Introduction
  • Eco-friendly sand(* Passed soil contamination process test for arsenic, mercury, etc.)
  • Selected with even particles (No. 5.5)
  • Processed such as cleaning and drying according to use
  • Specialized vinyl packaging material to maintain product condition
  • Sand that does not freeze in sub-zero temperatures due to low water content!

Product Information Table

Product name Master (A skid-proof)
Use Apply on snowy roads to help with vehicle and pedestrian movement
Product specifications/mm 640 * 460
Weight/kg 20kg
Raw material Natural silica (water content 0.4~1.1%)
Sand specifications Sand No. 5 (0.70~1.12mm)
Packaging material Polypropylene
Price Please inquire